Need More Customers For Your Business? First Page of Google Guaranteed!

How to Be on The First Page of Google Guaranteed!

Do you find yourself asking how to get on the first page of Google guaranteed? I used to ask that question. however, now I have the answer.

Yep, I am going to tell you about Maria Galloway. She can get your business on the first page of Google guaranteed!


She has many clients that have an offline business, for instance,  one of her very first clients was a dentist. She built their website and got it on Google’s first page within 45 days. Needless to say, the dentist is very happy with her service. He gladly pays Maria a monthly fee to keep his business on the first page.

How do I get on the first page of Google?”

I’m glad you ask that…

So, Maria Galloway has helped many businesses that are offline, however, what if you have an online business and you need affiliates to sign up with you and your MLM business?

Well,  she actually has an online business and her blog is on the Top of the first page of Google. Take a look yourself, go to Google and type in “Instant Payday Network” and her blog is right there.

She also competes with over 540,000,000 (that’s millions!) other sites for this keyword, “Make money online being over 50″ and she is in the top 2 spots for her blog!

That’s huge! So, here’s how to find the Best SEO Company!

Listen if a website is on the first page of Google guaranteed, don’t you think you’re gonna make a ton of money? The answer to that is YES!

Of course, you’re gonna make a ton of money. So, if you have to pay a professional like Maria Galloway some money every month to triple your income, don’t you think it is well worth it?

Believe me, it is and I know personally that having my biz on the first page of Google, brings me triple the money from what I was previously making. And that is because I hired Maria Galloway.

How to get more customers

There you have it everyone, go to:

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PS. Another video on “How To Find The Best SEO Company in Orange County“…

Tow Truck Service in Long Beach Ca! Everyone needs a tow now and then!

Tow Truck Service in Long Beach Ca

Tow Truck Service in Long Beach Ca. is such a yucky and boring subject to read about, however, we all need a tow at some point in our lives, right!

So, let me get to writing about a tow service that was sent to me by AAA.  I actually can not tell you how nice this tow truck driver was and so efficient.

When your car is disabled, injured (lol), or whatever you want to call it, you want a tow truck service that is fast, reliable and will not take you for every penny you have. So, if you are living in the Long Beach or Los Angeles area or for that matter, just visiting and your car poops out, call Tow Truck Service in Long Beach Ca and they will be fast and reliable.

How do I know, well, I know because I’ve used them myself!

Long Beach Towing is professional, efficient and they are actually nice. These tow truck drivers are hired by the main office and put through the ringer to assure us (the customers) only the best will be helping us with our vehicles.

tow truck service in long beach ca

Whether you need a regular tow truck or a flatbed, Tow Truck Service in Long Beach will deliver and take care of your vehicle without any damages whatsoever.

We deliver cheap towing in Los Angeles that keeps a watchful eye on you 24/7 on the roads…

Here is what our towing services consist of:
1. long distance towing
2. heavy & light duty towing
3. accident removal services
4. emergency towing
5. flatbed towing
6. 24/7 roadside assistance
7. for any type of vehicle, truck or motorcycle

Are you stuck outside your vehicle? We work side by side with a well respected auto locksmith company that stays on call 24/7. We can duplicate all model vehicle keys on the spot and save you the extra fees of a traditional dealership. Reliable and cheap towing Los Angeles done right with the trusted experts. We can perform any type of emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day. If you require an emergency jump start in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that we’ll be there for you. We come fully prepared to handle any type of roadside emergency round the clock.

There you have it

Luxurious Newport Beach Limo Service!

Growing up with Limo Service in Newport Beach Ca!

Imagine growing up in Newport Beach with all the luxuries that come from such a beautiful town.

Especially, the limo service in Newport Beach Ca., they are so lavish and you are treated like VIP’s.

limo serivce in Newport Beach CaI

First of all, Newport Beach is one of the most affluent areas in the entire United States. Being there and seeing the sights through Newport Beach Limo must be an extraordinary experience. They have a fleet of limousines including the following:

1. Luxurious stretch limousines

2. Executive sedans

3. Corporate limos 

4. SUV limos

5. Escalades


7. Outrageous party bus 

There are so many reasons to hire a limousine service in Newport Beach. Let me just list a few of the occasions below for you:

1. Corporate Event
2. Business Meeting
3. Anniversary
4. Birthday
5. Sporting Event
6. Wedding
7. Prom/Homecoming
8. Quinceanera
9. Airport Service
10. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

This list of reasons why you should call Newport Beach Limo is only a few.  Even going to a beautiful Wine Tour not far from Newport, is another great reason to call us.

You are the most important person to them when booking a limo service in Newport Beach, Ca. When you are in their limousines, even after you are complete with your limousine service, they want you to come back and ride with them again and again.

Whatever your needs and wants are, Newport Beach Limo will deliver to the best of their ability with the utmost respect. They always over-deliver to pamper our clients.

Call them today and see if we have some kind of special going on!

Their chauffeurs are professional, punctual, patriotic and polite. Californians rave about our upscale Newport Beach limousine drivers.

Newport Beach limousine tour is available for all major attractions such as:

*  Balboa Island
*  Newport Beach Peninsula
*  Universal Studios
*  Disneyland
*  Knott’s Berry Farm
*  J. Paul Getty Museum
*  Sea World
*  San Diego Zoo
*  La Brea Tar Pits
*  Chinatown
*  Music Center
*  And More..

So, you see you not only get the best limo service in Newport Beach Ca., but you get to be in the most beautiful and richest towns in the USA…


See ya soon,

Make Money Online – Empower Network Review!


I’m writing this Empower Network Review due to my friend James Sahady. I want you to join his Empower Network team. Yep, I want you to join up with him and not me! Reason being,  James Sahady is an exceptional leader, trainer, coach and most importantly, he will be there for you. Lemme give you a lil info on James, one of the best online marketers right now…

Who Is James Sahady

He’s a frustrated and burnt out police officer who leveraged the internet, turned in his badge for a laptop and became a successful online entrepreneur.

It wasn’t too long ago that James decided to create his own blog to create a better living and most important: Financial Freedom.

He grew up in New England and got on the right path to success as most people, including his family and friends, would always preach:

“Go to school, get educated, get a job, aspire to climb the corporate ladder and retire!”

Well, he did all that…worked in the private, public and government industries and for some people, it works. It didn’t for James.

He was working long shifts and all holidays.

He was working a lot of overtime to get ahead, but the paycheck was not enough.

He was missing valuable time with his wife.

Being a police officer was great and is a noble profession and I commend and salute all public safety officers and firefighters for their everyday heroic actions that nobody hears about.

However, James needed a change to have a better lifestyle and to live on his own terms.

He made a bold decision to educate himself and invested tens of thousands of dollars on marketing, web design, SEO, and financial education, hundreds of hours of in-the-trenches grunt work and multiple failures which made his drive to succeed 1,000 times stronger!

He leveraged the internet and took advantage of technology and started two successful online businesses.

Passive Gain is the ultimate resource and education blog for multiple streams of income. Passive Gain will show you step by step how to make your money work for you and not have you work for your money.


One of my streams of income consists of:

No home meetings.

No hotel meetings.

No chasing after Aunt and Uncle.

No calling friends and coworkers.

No cold calls.

His system does not require hunting down leads! It attracts BUYERS!

He’s talking about quality and educated prospects who are ready to take action on your products and services, which is Empower Network!

He will explain it all with no stone unturned and provide complete transparency unlike many others out there.

James will provide value and training that you can implement in your business TODAY.

Empower Network Background

Empower Network has been growing like crazy, since opening their doors on October 31st, 2011. What they are is an online network marketing company that offers all of the following: First of all, internet marketing tools, resources, and education. Secondly, a powerful business opportunity.

The Empower Network products are designed to help you sell more of ‘anything’ online.  The business allows you to resell the Empower Network products in exchange for a 100% commission.

Empower Network Founders

This company was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. These guys are two marketers who basically used to live on the streets! Wood and Sharpe both have unbelievable rags to riches stories.

Dave Wood is known for being the once homeless van man in Hawaii.  He lived in his van for quite awhile with his long-time girlfriend.  He started blogging everyday, relentlessly and consistently.  That’s how he started and he met up with Dave Sharpe, who over-came a horrible drug addiction.  He worked with his Dad in construction, which was very hard and did not pay well.

So, they got together and built one of the fastest growing online businesses ever! Together, they run what is probably the most unique type of business ever seen by many in this industry. Sharpe and Wood are completely transparent, honest and true to who they are at ALL times. In the early days, they called ‘tire kickers’ and anyone who didn’t buy all of their products as “wussies.” Most of the time, it appears they just crawled out of bed or came in from the beach…lol. ‘Swear words” are not uncommon, which probably offended some at times. And although they’ve toned it down a little over the past couple years, these guys are still who they are and proud of it. Not everyone is going go for this type, however I love their style!

In April 2014, Dave Sharpe stepped down as co-owner of Empower Network, due to health complications from Hepatitis C. That’s how honest and transparent they both are. Sharpe needs to focus on his health and that’s exactly why he stepped down.

Empower Network Products

The Empower Network products consists of the following:

  • Viral Blogging System: costs $25 monthly, comes with new and improved Fast Start Training.
  • Viral Blogging Academy: costs $297, shows you how to put your new blog to work for you, includes specific 90 day action plan, much needed product.
  • Inner Circle: costs $100 monthly, inspiring stories and interviews, convenient, but some are available for free if you dial into the Monday night Empower Hour calls.
  • High Ticket Academy: costs $497,  3 webinars explaining how to close multi-thousand dollar sales.
  • Internet Traffic Formula: costs $997, just launched by Vick Strizheus, this is Vick’s internet traffic course, Empower’s not paying 100% commissions on this one, surprisingly spectacular course.
  • Costa Rica Intensive: costs $500, includes video footage of live marketing mastermind, decent content.
  • $15k Formula: costs $1,000, has a ton of webinar replays that cover all the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies, amazing value, best product by far.
  • Masters Course: costs $3,500, includes video footage of live, elite-level marketing mastermind, accelerated concepts, only recommended for advanced marketers.

At this time, James continues to use his own blog and his Empower Network Blog. All newbies are better off using Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System. It’s much faster and easier. James is extremely happy overall with all the Empower Network products. He will help you become knowledgeable and therefore start making some real money!

The $15k Formula is probably the best product that will teach you all the lil secrets. However, the new High Ticket Academy is outstanding for anyone! You can purchase any of the products, in any order, and can upgrade from inside at any time. With all the above said, if you sign up with James Sahady, I can promise you he will answer your phone calls and be the sponsor you want and need to finally make money online.

Compensation Plan

In regards to the Empower Network compensation plan, there’s a $19.95 monthly fee you’ll need to pay to participate in the business opportunity. You are then free to sell any of the Empower Network products.

Most of the products pay 100% commissions. However, the  Masters Course pays roughly 85% ($3,000 out of the $3,500 retail price) and the Viral Blogging Academy pays you 67% ($200 out of the $297 sticker price).

Here’s how you qualify for commissions: – By making a sale of each product to a non-affiliate (i.e. a customer who does not activate his/her affiliate account). – Or by first buying each product yourself, then selling it.

If you do not meet one of those criteria and you go on to make sales of non-qualified products, those commissions will pass-up to your sponsor, which you don’t want that to happen, right? YOU want the commissions!

It’s a great comp plan,  you’ll benefit from training your downline, but you’re not busting your booty to make your sponsor rich.  For example, James makes way more than the guy who referred him. So, it’s all up to you, however, you do need a good sponsor who cares and helps you and guides you in the right direction and that sponsor is James Sahady.

Lastly, Wood and Sharpe added-in a weekly bonus incentive. So now, you can earn extra money based off the company’s success, all by sponsoring so many new Viral Blogging System customers each week, which isn’t hard for it’s only a $25 product!

Pros of Empower Network

  • This is one of the best marketing ‘how-to-make-money-online’ that money can buy ($15k Formula). Seriously, it really is.
  • One receives support, leadership and the comradery needed to succeed, unlike anything else out there.
  • The commissions do some serious volume – affiliates can sell these products worldwide, commissions of nearly $5,500 per referral.
  • All you gotta do is focus on traffic. The high-converting funnel, where most of the selling and heavy lifting has already been done for you.

Cons of Empower Network

  • One of the Top Online Companies which causes lots of hype and criticism.  Not a big deal for James Sahady, he uses it to his advantage. So, are you comfortable being associated with all that?
  • To get all of the products, the full experience and greatest earning potential, it’s expensive


My opinion comes with bias since James Sahady is one of the best leaders I’ve been so fortunate to meet in this industry. However, I know I’ve given you an honest review of both sides of the coin here. Anyhoo…

The bottom line is this, their products are pretty good. In regards of making some real money, it’s great. Question is, if you buy these products, will you become a better marketer, thinker and leader? James definitely has and can guide and teach you how also. The big question is if you become an affiliate, are you likely to get rich quick? James has.  But definitely no, unless you are serious and treat this as your own business. Regardless of how great any system is that you may use, making the dollar bills online will ALWAYS require a ton of attributes the average person just doesn’t have. That’s my opinion anyway…

If you’re desperate and just looking to make some easy money, please go somewhere else, this isn’t for you. The only reason you should get in is because you’re serious about building a real internet business that adds value and meets a need or solves a problem.

Join EN

If you are serious and looking to build a real internet business and you’re okay with the risk, understand the odds and you’re still willing to buy these products, learn, then grind like you never have before.

I’d like to make my case for joining James Sahady as your sponsor. He’s a blogger.  That’s what he does.

And he can teach you his money making process without ever:

- having to step out of your home, so you NEVER have to talk to another in person. WHEW….

- having to use your phone.

- having to work a set schedule given to you by your BOSS.

- needing to beg your friends and family to join you.

- having any 9 to 5 commitments, or those stresses that come with any kind of job.

James will teach you how to write some great content, get ranked on Google, and let your blog go to work for you. It’s actually a very simple thing. And very real. So with everything just stated… James has no desire to work with anyone who’s desperate or in this for the wrong reasons, like to just rip people off and never give back. He’s looking for true entrepreneurs.

Big thinkers who wanna lead with value, as opposed to selfishly chasing money. If so, and if you’re planning on being all in (buying all the products), James will consider personally mentoring you and taking you under his wing.

Again, I highly recommend James if you are considering joining Empower Network Review, get in with him and he will guide you and show you how he makes a ton of money okay!

On the other hand, if you think this just another Empower Network scam, then be on your way and best of luck to you!

Join James Sahady with Empower Network:

All for you,

Carpet Cleaning in Visalia California!

Best Carpet Cleaning in Visalia!

This is such a simple ‘real life stuff’ that everyone needs from time to time, right…So, once in the Fresno, Visalia or Tulare area of Central California you have to call M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance for your carpet cleaning needs.

Carpet cleaning in Visalia will meet your need for your stained carpet. I mean really, everyone needs to clean their carpet and should actually do it once a year. If you have kids or animals your carpet cleaning should be done every 6 months.

You know when I first started this blog just a few days ago, I thought to myself, I want to write about all the daily stuff we just don’t really wanna do or even read about. But when I come upon a good business and the owner is an honest and hard-working person, I want to share that with the public. So, there lies the reason for talking about such mundane topics, such as carpet cleaning…lol

carpet cleaning in visalia

At M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance in Visalia their focus is to provide you with the most professional and outstanding carpet cleaning in Visalia. They offer the best value you can find in the carpet cleaning industry. The reputation that they have maintained for over 25 years now shows that we only provide the most excellent service. They utilize the most innovative cleaning technologies that allow any carpet to stay cleaner for a longer period of time. This comes at a price that is surprisingly affordable. So, the combination of excellent service, innovative cleaning technologies, and an affordable price provides you with tremendous value in maintaining your investment.

They seriously take pride on their Carpet Cleaning in Visalia at M & D Carpet and Floor Maintenance! Get your Visalia carpet cleaning today and let them know MK sent ya…

Hey I know this is not exciting stuff, but we all need this daily stuff to get done, right? :)

Bye for now,

Want A Limo To Take Out On The Town!

Best Limo Service in Long Beach!

So, you’re thinking about going out on the town and why not get a limo service in Long Beach, California? This Limo Long Beach Company is the best in the area as far as I’m concerned! The owner is such a caring and honest person which makes all the difference in dealing with their staff and chauffeurs. So, if in the Long Beach area or the LA area, you gotta give them a call.

Limousines are great to take out on the town due to you definitely do not have to worry about how much you are drinking. You also can pay full attention to your friends, family, significant other or whoever you are taking with you. No worrying about parking issues or waiting in line for the valet etc…

limo service long beach ca

Or how about going to a concert in a Long Beach Limo? That way, again no worries about the ‘huge’ issue of parking and the other issue of how much you’re going to drink that evening!

Concerts can be crazy so all you have to do when you have your own limo service from Long Beach, Ca is to get in it and enjoy yourself!

Alright then, needless to say my opinion on limos is you have to start using them! Save on gas and the price is really reasonable when you figure all the parking fees, gas and valuable time wasted on driving yourself to somewhere special….

Start using Limo Long Beach everytime you are in this area okay! Seriously, don’t miss out on a great adventure, cuz once you do this you will not go back.

Just think of all the trips you can take on the town, or parties or birthdays or even if you are having a baby what better use of a limo to do all the driving while you can be enjoying every precious moment in the back with your family!

See for yourself at:

There you have it,