bird spikes

All You Should Know About Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are methods which are installed to eliminate the nuisances caused by the birds at the place of work or areas where essential business work is going on. The design model of a bird spike is quite easy to understand and also very easy to install. It consists of many narrow spikes which are adhered onto a surface be it on a roof, window sill, wood or on any concrete material. They can blend in with any surface and have the ability to withstand high temperature.

Why install them?

Since these are available in different sizes, they can restrict the landing of small as well as larger birds at any business places. Birds such as pigeons, crows and sparrows have this inherent ability to clutch themselves even if they find small space such as at the edge of the roof or window. They should be kept away from workplaces because they sometimes interfere with the electrical circuitry established at the place of work, which is in general not desirable.

They are designed in such a manner, that it will create inconvenience for the birds to land but will not hurt them. They are highly environment-friendly and do not cause any harm, injury or suffering to the birds. It stops birds from creating any mess at the place of work.

Plastic and stainless steel spikes are two variants of bird spikes and can last for many years as it requires negligible maintenance and also is inexpensive. Unlike it doesn’t look good nor seems one of the effective ways of getting rid of birds but is eventually a cheaper and legal way of controlling bird strike.

Strategies to Know Before Using Bird Repellents

A suitable bird repellent is the one which is environment-friendly, causing no health hazard nor contamination, extremely effective and safe to use.

Various forms of bird repellent’s

  • Laser bird control
  • Drones
  • Bird spikes
  • Electronic bird control

Bird’s causes health-related issues and hence they need to be eliminated from places where landing and nesting of birds are possible. Pre-analysis and survey on birds population in that respective area should be done in advance so that appropriate hazing equipment can be installed. Some repellent works perfectly on a certain type of birds but is ineffective on other types. The possibly of equipment failure with the weather condition should also be taken into account. Before applying any strategic method its response to that geographical area should be considered so that it does not cause any result which is lethal. Legal permission of the authority of that area should be taken.

Some of the common bird dispersal and deterrent technique includes sound making devices, visual scaring devices, chemical repellent, exclusion and habitat modification.

Chemical repellent techniques most preferably should not be used. It should only deserve attention if some special circumstances arise. Since chemicals are not the safest way nor humanly way of dealing with this problem as it deteriorates both environment and species habitat. Also creating an unhealthy environment. Screamers, also called whistlers are used as one of the standard hazing technique. It doesn’t explode but carries out screaming and whistling noises.


One should look for relatively inexpensive technique unless and until the need is very important. Use such technique which will not cause any harm to birds but only restrict them from entering areas where they are not welcomed. Also, portability and transportation of devices should be convenient. Inventory cost and maintenance should be reasonable. Overall, it’s more dependent on the geographical condition of the area which determines the kind of habitat of birds that can be found and accordingly a suitable method should be implemented.